[CQ-Contest] Optimum Keyer Speed for WPX

George T. Daughters gdaught6 at leland.Stanford.EDU
Mon May 26 04:56:25 EDT 1997

hi wendell,

> I watched the complaints on the packet cluster about very high speed
> contest exchanges and tried a little experiment.  I matched the speed of
> the stations with my keyer and sent my exchange back to them at their speed
> when it was over 35 wpm.  Seven of the ten high speed stations listed could
> not copy at their own speed and asked for repeats. 

i did a similar thing about 3 years ago, but i didn't measure the 
sending speed, i assessed the "effective speed".  some guys were 
sending so fast they were *always* being asked for fills 2 and 3 times. 

now, some of this can be band cond'x, but if you're going 45 wpm and have to do 
it 3 times, that's about 15wpm effective.  why not go 25 and have 
almost no repeats?  it depends on how often you have to repeat of 
course, and i'm sure the speed merchants know what's best!  after 
all, their time is valuable!

all in all, i'm continually amazed at how effective CW is.  maybe it 
should be required for licensing!  (fire-retardant garb donned.)   

73,  k6gt


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