[CQ-Contest] Re: Cut Numbers

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 27 15:48:12 EDT 1997

Good morning to the contest group.

Interesting comments are being made about the serial
number exchange for the WPX CW.  This also applies
to the ARRL 10m CW (DX side), and the VK/ZL/O contests.

Question 1.
We program F2 to read 5NN #, where CT inserts the
progressive serial number for the # symbol.
On air, CT does not send the leading zeros
for the contacts below 100.
 eg: contact 037, CT will send 5NN 37
Does this meet the *spirit* of the rules,
Or did the author miss something?

Question 2.
If it is OK to send without leading zeros 
is it OK to type in K5ZZ 37, 
rather than K5ZZ 037 into the log
-one less key stroke...

The CT command <CWABBREV> will substitute
	9= n
	1= a
	t= 0
but using the <NOABBREV> command does not 
replace the *missing* leading zeros.

Martin ZL1ANJ

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