[CQ-Contest] RE: Cut numbers

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Mon May 26 21:58:33 EDT 1997

At 05:30 PM 5/25/97 -0400, Randy Thompson wrote:

>I hate these cut numbers.  I never know if the guy sent 'T' for zero, or
did I 
>miss a dot of 'N' for nine?  I would just as soon have everyone send 5NN and 
>then send the full numbers.  But I see this as a trend that will keep
>worse before it gets better.  It seems to be all the rage in Europe.

Here's another way of looking at it -- I find that I have no trouble with a
single cut number (or a repeated number, like NN in 5NN) when it is clearly
in a numerical context.  But the context is the key, and when there are too
many cut numbers, it might as well be Cyrillic CW...  I think this is why
most people have no trouble with 5NN, or with O ("oh") instead of a zero.
but if you use A, N, E and T, there are almost bound to be double cut
numbers in every second or third serial number.  Add a little QRN or a weak
signal ...

For what little it's worth, my solution is to use "oh" instead of zero ONLY
in serial numbers, and use "N" only in signal reports.

BV (73 - honest!),

94ZR (N4ZR)  

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