[CQ-Contest] Re: Optimum Keyer Speed for WPX

Jan-Erik Holm JEH at on.mobile.telia.se
Tue May 27 10:21:13 EDT 1997

> Jim - I didn't mean to make this a Europe vs US thing.
> The point of a contest is to get the information across.  I agree that it is 
> much easier to copy if the other guy sends the exchange in the expected format. 
> I listen for 5NN and then expect 3 digits.  Unfortunately, K1EA's CT software
> does not include the leading zeroes so you have to put up with only one or two 
> digits until the other guy gets over 100!

Well its just that it seemed to me that it was mostly US guys doing it but sure
I could be wrong, there where quite a few JAs doing it too. Propagation was
so super poor for US when I was on so I didnt work many anyway.
So I see we ( or I ) have to blame K1EA then, well one of these days I'm gonna
forget the whole think but lets hope I dont forget contesting at the same
time, I'm not doing any serious contesting these days so guess I'm on my
way down the hill.

> As for dropping the leading zero in the CQWW exchange, this is not the same. 
>  The point of the contest is to exchange the zone number.  Nowhere in the rules 
> does it say the 'two-digit' zone number! The way the contest is constructed, it 
> almost doesn't matter what the other station sends.  You know what zone they 
> will be in (except for UA9's and many W's!).

I just hate to see the Americans having to send one digit less then me ( hi ).
O well I'll beat you any day I want to even if I live half way to the northpole,
you can sit there with your multi tower sites and five or six high antenna 
stacks if it makes you happy.( dont think I'm too serious on this one, I'm just jelous )

> This is a fun thread.

Sure thing.

> Randy, K5ZD

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