[CQ-Contest] RE: Tri-bander/Single Element category?

yo3ctk yo3ctk at alltrom.ro
Tue May 27 21:21:14 EDT 1997

Hi Dan,

Just my case, so I can offer you my advice: stay in SOLP/AB category !
If you will enter TB/SE you will be at a disadvantage versus guys
putting up tribanders for 20/15/10m.

Anyway, you cannot expect to win anything with your setup, can you ? So
you are contesting just like me, for fun and (maybe, if lucky) for some
new ones. In that case, it doesn't really matter what category you

The previous comment must be taken with a grain of salt: I have already
a handsome certificate for winning 1st place (Romania) in 80m/QRP
category in 1983 contest and I have been told that I also won 1st place
(Romania) in 20m/LP category last year, with abt. 130Kpoints. This year
I will submit my log in SOLP/AB category with 782 QSO and abt.
580Kpoints. My setup is 100W into a 14AVQ clone vertical and an 80m

73 de Mike, YO3CTK

	I run nothing more than 100w into a trap vertical, a situation
not likely
	to improve on either count.  Would I be able to enter my score
in the TB/SE
	category, or would I be best off staying in SOLP (unassisted)?

	73 Dan

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