[CQ-Contest] Optimum Keying Speed

MarchandJohn jmarchand at ecrm.com
Tue May 27 16:42:25 EDT 1997

Hi All,

I've found over the years of contesting, the optimum keying speed for my 
callsign(s) -K1CGJ, K1RC- is 28-30 wpm., whether running QRP or whopping 
(sorry, thats the biggest gun I have...)

This doesn't mean I cant copy & send faster thru the kybd or paddles (I 
topped out at 48wpm, -and 44 wpm for full cut number groups- in the Army).

The 28 to 30 speed is what I found to be MOST CONSISTANT when sending 
ONCE while keeping repeats to the bare minimum except under really marginal 
condx. I'll send cuts if the other stn does, but usually only cut the ZERO.

I wont hesitate to crank it up to 32/34 or faster, for the good-fast 
but those .../fast stns who need lotsa repeats are defeating their purpose 
I'll back off to get the exchange over with and move on.

I'll crank it down to 5-10 too for the casual or less experienced op. who 
a helping hand. -I was there once myself, as we all were at one time or 

The morel of the story is....  Whats the most "efficient" speed for YOUR 
callsign and the exchange data for the particular contest your working????

Hope this sheds some light on the subject.

John  K1RC

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