[CQ-Contest] Cut Numbers

CT1BOH - Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes ct1boh at mail.telepac.pt
Wed May 28 14:20:54 EDT 1997

I fail to understand the fuss about cut numbers.
If there is a mode where abbreviations are used, that's CW.
So cut numbers are just another abbreviation.
I love abbreviations, and in the boredom of contest I really get a kick out
of some cute combinations.
Just program your minds to expect everything in the exchange - numbers or
lettlers - and then see how fun it can be.

Or is it too difficult?...
Or may be copying CW is too difficult?...
Yeah that's it!
We should end CW contests. After all speaking is so much naturally...

In the end the real irony is that if you copy the exchange right or wrong
it doesn't matter!
Judging from the claimed and the final scores, where normally there isn't
much score reductions, I susppect the wpx log checker doesn't even cross
check serial numbers. And this is really sad because while a few of us
really make a point at copying the exchanges right (not to mention the
calls), some out there, and with big scores, are sloppy and get along

best 73

ps: Accuracy always pays off

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