[CQ-Contest] Some 40m CW WPX Comments

VK1FF / WB2FFY VK1FF at contesting.com
Thu May 29 00:58:36 EDT 1997

Signals were ok on 40m, but activity seemed low all day Saturday and most
of Sunday.  Activity was so light at one stage on Saturday, during the
South Pacific grayline opening to the US, that I didn't need a CW filter on
my run frequency.   After reading Randy's (K5ZD) comments about how good
20m was , the problem of low activity may have not actually been 40 meters

Activity on the band seemed rather average until around 10z on Sunday when
I finally got a good run into the US going.   Unfortunately it all came to
an abrupt halt about a hour later, while I was trying to work W8GOC, when
JA1YXP zero beated my frequency and started calling CQ.   They never asked
if the frequency was in use - instead they just switched on the CQ machine
and took over.   Needless to say, I couldn't hear the weak grayline signals
anymore and had to go looking for a new freq.   I was completely surprised
to find wall-to-wall activity with very good signals.   Activity was so
thick that I couldn't find a clear spot to call CQ except up above 7.045.
I tried calling CQ up there a couple times for 10-15 minutes but didn't get
any response (where were all the US general/advance class ops?) and ended
up playing S&P for the remainder of the US opening.

Overall, not very exciting except for the run into the US and working 3V8BB
(a new one for DXCC).

73, Jim VK1FF/WB2FFY

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