[CQ-Contest] RE: [TRLog] ANTA...oh my not here too!!

John Brosnahan broz at csn.net
Tue May 27 21:18:39 EDT 1997

At 05:53 PM 5/27/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>Enter "ANTA" and keep going. After the contest, correct it.
>This still leaves two issues unresolved, but I expect somebody at contesting.com will
>come up with the answer. If the rules say send a serial # and I send ANTA am I not in
>violation of these rules? If I copy ANTA and change to 1901 am I not myself in violation
>because I've not "copied" what was sent? These are, of course, related to power levels
>and other exchanges sent and received. As an example, someone sends "K" for KW and I
>put KW in the log. I've not ever been disqualified so I guess there's some "play" in the rules
>or no one really looked at my log because it was so puny!

I am taking this back to CQ-contest, where it really belongs.

This has nothing to do with the rules--only with the efficiency of the
operator.  If both parties understand that cut numbers are just another 
way of exchanging the required numerical info on CW then use cut
numbers--you sent what you knew to be a number and the op on the other
end received what he knew to be a number.  No problem.  If the receiving 
party doesn't understand, then cut numbers will only slow you down, 
and if the RX op doesn't understand that they are cut numbers then he had 
better log ATNA as sent.    But it is hard to know before hand if the
receiving party expects a cut number, so it usually slows you down.


(Well, OK, how do I know it has nothing to do with the rules?  Let's take a
phone contest.  The operator says 59 Hundred--do you log 59 100 or
59 H U N D R E D.  I'll bet you log 100, since there isn't room for the actual
word--plus it takes more time to write.  The issue has been raised
before in the context of 59 KW--do you log 1000 or KW--how about
59 Kilowatt, do you log 1000, KW, or K I L O W A T T?  He said KILOWATT!
There better be room in that logging program for all of those letters!)

You will find me sending 5NN but complete numbers for either zone
or serial number.  All other ops understand 5NN but many won't understand
ATNA and I want to get on with a new qso not waste time trying to sort
out something, after the fact.  

So on phone I guess I had better say 59 1 5 0 0 rather than  
5 9 F I F T E E N  H U N D R E D.  Or better yet, what if
I say Five Nine One-Five-Zero-Zero.  Should the RX op log 59 or Five-Nine,
and 1500 or  One-Five-Zero-Zero.  In fact, he doesn't know, a priori, whether
I actually said 5 or Five and 9 or Nine!

Just trying to follow this to the absurd conclusion that it so richly
For the humor impaired--I was trying to make a point by making light of
the whole issue!  Rate is king and info is info--as long as both understand
what that info is!

73  John  W0UN

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