[CQ-Contest] I like ATNA!

ROBERT WANDERER aa0cy at robertwanderer.gardnerville.nv.us
Tue May 27 18:29:39 EDT 1997

ANT=190, not 150

I don't care one way or the other as my mind just copies what was sent. However, if
the rules say a serial # and you send ANT isn't that a violation of the rule? The other
side of the coin is if I copy ANT and change it to 190, am I now in violation because I
didn't "copy" what was sent? An interesting conundrum.


From:  Robert Penneys[SMTP:radio at UDel.Edu]
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Subject:  [CQ-Contest] I like ATNA!

or is that APNEA?   One of the things I really like is ANT for 150 in zones
or Qs or whatever. I like the sound of it. Surprised at all the folks agin it.

Oh well.


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