[CQ-Contest] WPX

Alan Brubaker alan at es.com
Thu May 29 15:08:33 EDT 1997

I think that some of us have forgotten that when the WPX was first
conceived, it was one of the first contests set up for SSB only
competition with a new twist - prefixes for multipliers instead of
countries or other kinds of multipliers to chase. Also, at that time,
there were probably less than 50 different prefixes in the continental
U.S. (W,K 1-0, and some WA, etc.). In order to make the contest
a non-domestic contest (a DX contest if you will), intra country QSOs
were 0 points although the prefix would count unless you had already
logged it. It would be interesting to dig out the original rules and see
what changes have occurred since then, but it is certain that there are
many more prefixes available world-wide now than anyone might have

Alan, KO7X

alan at es.com

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