[CQ-Contest] Re: Calling CQ or S&P?

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Fri May 30 10:04:03 EDT 1997

Dan KW4T wrote:

> No matter what I did, every hour of calling CQ only produced
> about 6 QSO's.  I felt like a frustrated bass fisherman
> trying this lure and that lure and this bait and that hook etc.
> My question is this... If I'm able to break pile-ups on 40LP, into EU > and AF, why don't I get more customers?
> Am I really just generating QRM with my 100 Watts and Deltas?

Hi Dan!

I found that when band condx allowed me to put in a strong
signal, then calling CQ gave the best QSOs per hour. 
Being a DX station helps to attract interest, but so does
your beautiful 2X1 call!

I would not tune around S&P style unless 5 or 10 minutes
went by without any responses. The few times I has to tune around,
it was due to short skip in Stateside or Europe when the locals
were working among themselves.

I think that if you have a weak signal due to condx, you
will be more likely to get a reply from a CQ caller, listening
on his own frequency.  

The other problem when calling CQ is to choose a clear freq.
A clear spot in ZL may prove dead after calling CQ several times.
This is due to other stations out of our skip zone occupying it.
The only thing to do is move and try again. I have found a 
crowded freq often gave the best results.

In the Phone contests we have sometimes been told by friends that 
they will spot us on the PCluster- then we must stayput
otherwise how will new contacts find us. Does this happen in CW? 


Martin ZL1ANJ

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