[CQ-Contest] Re:Cut numbers in WPX -Rules?

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Fri May 30 01:02:42 EDT 1997

Trey Garlough wrote:
>> For the WPX contest, I found the cut numbers to be a nuisance...
> Exactly!  I would never do this in a serial number contest...
> --Trey, N5KO

This is the best thread for months! 
I have learned a lot from the posts.  If we use the <nocwabbrev>
command CT will restore code characters for digits 1,9 and 0.

If we load with the -LZ command line, CT will restore the missing
leading zeros in CTv9. Sadly this tip does not work in my CTv8.
So I must confess to sending 5nn 1 for my first QSO.  I was legal
after 100!

Perhaps there are two issues here:
(i) speed and accuracy.
If the rules permit then we must leave decisions
to the operators.
But in my case, lack of CW skills will cause me to send ?nr
about 3 times if someone sends me ANTA instead of a number.

(ii) Compliance with the rules.
What happens if we refer to the published
rules.  Are the rules optional, or compulsory?

The relevant parts are the log, and the exchange.
                           ---          --------

The WPX 1997 rules for log instructions- <n8bjq at erinet.com>

> Part XIV (b) All sent and received exchanges are to be logged.

I think we then have to refer to Part V for the definition of the 

> Rule V: Exchange: RS(T) report plus a progressive contact
> three digit contact number starting with 001 for the
> first contact ( four digits if past 999).

Please note the rule specifies a three digits number starting
with 001. I take a digit to mean a number not a substituted letter, 
and the rule seems to call for leading zeros.

Where I was sent a single or double digit, that is
what I logged. Do I have to tidy up the log?  

I wonder what the experts think?

Martin ZL1ANJ

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