[CQ-Contest] The Future of Contesting

Bill Straw 0007359114 at mcimail.com
Thu May 29 22:01:45 EDT 1997

and just skip ahead a few. Mostly 0 pointers anyway.
  I sure was feeling down about contesting until I
picked up the June QST. The January VHF SS had 134
W0 logs entered and the SSB SS had 128 W0 logs !!!!
This is amazing to me, and a very positive sign.
Maybe contesting isn't doomed, just CQ magazine's
contests. I think the WPX is the best example. The
tests are consistantly on Easter/Memorial Day long
weekends. Lots of 0 point Q's to be had. I think it
speaks volumes that only 10-15 W0's ever submit logs
for the WPX.

  On the lighter side, I was in Target in Minot on
Saturday, and at the next checkout line was none
other than Lt Kelly Flinn and her parents. My wife
confirmed the sighting.

73 BILL WB0O in North Dakota

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