[CQ-Contest] Re: [na-user] Remote access

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Fri May 30 00:25:09 EDT 1997

Bill Fisher - W4AN wrote:
> K8CC writes:
> >      Peter, PB0AIU asked whether there was a way to remotely access the log
> >      of another station (perhaps a multi) to check the log for mults, talk
> >      to the ops, etc. 
> >      Also, it is my belief that this violates the definition of a "station"
> >      with regards to multi-ops and the geographic circle it must fit
> >      within.  If you're ten miles away, and you can peer into another
> >      station's log, interact with the ops, etc., are you not part of that
> >      station?  If this is the case, are you not violating the circle rule?

this can be done right now, through the cluster you can talk to the ops
a multi op and find out what they need then go find it and send talk
to let them know where it is.  no different than old voice spotting
nets.  as
long as all the transmitters and receivers actually making the contacts
within the size limit there is no violation.  now if someone started
back real time audio from a remote rx, or providing a remote tx site
would most likely be out of bounds.

in my original m/m logging program anyone on the cluster could send a
query to
the logging computer and find out if a particular call was needed on any
it wasn't real freindly, but it was interesting for the few stations
that we
told how to use it.  all it really did was automate the query so an
didn't have to read a talk message, check the log, and send back a
talk.  usually
what they did was to find someone interesting, check our log and if we
needed it
they could send us a private dx spot.  after we worked it we would send
a real
cluster dx spots so everyone else could work it.  if we didn't need it
the spotter
would usually just send a normal dx spot so everyone else got it

> I always thought it would be a neat feature for multi's to be able to set
> up a ring of multiops that you exchange bandmap information with during
> the contest.  The bandmap info could be updated with talk messages sent
> automatically to each of the stations defined as wanting to receive this
> information.  On a good cluster system this would work slick.  In the NE
> K1KI could exchange this info with say KC1XX, K1EA, and K1TTT.  Can you
> imagine how good their bandmaps would be with such exchange of info?

the dx spots up here seem to provide a pretty good band map, probably
not much
else is needed.  what i normally do is to spot anything i find on a band
doesn't show in the band map.  this way everyone gets the information if
want to use it.

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