[CQ-Contest] CW Speed

Jan-Erik Holm JEH at on.mobile.telia.se
Fri May 30 12:50:02 EDT 1997

> The big problem for us low power ops is that other stations inside
> the skip zone usually don't hear us. On 20m especially, it's almost
> like clockwork: I find a run frequency, and a few minutes later I
> hear a backscatter W4 or W5 (or further depending on skip) CQing 
> on my frequency. You may have to listen hard to hear them.
> My strategy is to pack up and move if an apparently clear frequency 
> doesn't produce after a few minutes of calling, with "few" being 
> dependent on the contest and band. A good rule of thumb is to look 
> at the rate you get by S&Ping and if CQing doesn't exceed that, move.
> Early in any contest I usually do much better by S&Ping. The other
> S&Pers are working the big signals anyway. Later on when the S&Pers
> have worked all the big guns, they are more likely to answer my CQ.
>-- Ray, WQ5L, it's a jungle out there

Doesnt matter even if you run high power and stacked antennas. There
are always a certain number of fools that simply are ignorant and will
do the best to run you off the frequency. In WPX CW KG1D was the 
biggest fool and during WPX SSB KQ2M took the fool of the contest
The difference betwen me and a QRP station might be that never in my 
foot will I move if I am on a band where I got decent hardware. I dont
do any serious contesting any more so I guess it isnt any issue any more
but still.

Jim SM2EKM, and yes SURE is a jungle out there.

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