Douglas Zwiebel KR2Q at worldnet.att.net
Fri May 30 15:26:12 EDT 1997

Dear fellow debaters, uh...I mean contesters:

Talk about beating a dead horse!  Is there any more
to be learned about CUT NUMBERS?  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cut numbers (who coined that term?) are only a problem
if you can't copy them.  And you can't copy them if they
are sent "too fast."  Cut numbers at, say, 20 wpm are
NOT a problem, are they?  Well, maybe for some they are.
Are they a problem at 32 wpm...not for most.  How about
at 45 wpm?  Pbly yes for most.

So HOW MANY guys were sending cut numbers at a speed that
you COULD NOT COPY?  5?  10?  20?

Have you counted the number of comments on cut numbers on

Doesn't anybody want to accuse someone else of cheating
or bending the rules or something?  Someone?  ANYONE!

de Doug  KR2Q

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