Walsh, Eugene EWalsh at imtech.com
Fri May 30 12:36:00 EDT 1997

More time has been spent whining about this
than you will ever have to spend in a real contest
deciphering cut numbers!  This is even if you enter every contest that   
happens from now until you die of old age!

If you really do not understand what someone means
by ANTA or  OUU, you should find something less
mentally challenging to do with your time.

I do not send cut numbers, as a rule, but I have sent
5NNT5 and 5NNTN a lot of times.  Never figgered
it was a pblm for anyone.

If someone sends ANTA or the like I just write down
1901 without another thought about it and move on.

If someone can break your rhythm by sending ANTA,
then it is probably more your problem than his.
I don't like these cut numbers either, but I try not
to let them effect my life very much.


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