M.G. Brafford brad4 at roanoke.infi.net
Fri May 30 15:17:25 EDT 1997

  I spoke by telephone to the person in charge of certificates at CQ
Magazine. She said in reguard to stations who were waiting several years
for WPX contest certificates, that all the certificates up to 1996 had been
mailed. She said the volunteers were working on them now. She said to relay
that about 1500 to 1800 certificates were issued for each contest yearly.
Further,  she said some of the certificates had been returned by the post
office over the years, because of incorrect address etc. There may be a
program under way to help some of you guys get the awards you are due. In
the mean time, send a letter to: CQ magazine, 76 N. Broadway, Hicksville,
NY 11801-2953 USA. Tell them what year and mode and class you won your
certificate and chances are they have it waiting for you to claim. I hope
this helps. Good luck. If I hear further news I'll post it here.

73,  Mick  W4YV   wc4dx

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