[CQ-Contest] Exchanging pleasantries..was cut numbe

Doug Priest , W3CF / V26DX dpriest at bellatlantic.net
Sat May 31 03:20:55 EDT 1997

Hello Everyone...

I know it makes too much sense but I still favor a real, meaningful, and
downright civilized exchange..... Your NAME ...ie: WB3XXX de SAM 08 V26B
It surely would make things interesting for the software engineers when
ol' Ingnatius got on the air from ZD9 and insisted you get his ENTIRE
name.....imagine your rate meter!  But it beats LYING a few hundred
times a contest. Perhaps our brethren would think us civilized? 
Civilized?? Who?? Contesters? Yeah....right! Flame this!

Lets'ee......what can we bitch about next? If its me...I'd rather beat a
more interesting horse....rumor has it that Top Ten box (not the
company..the box) finishers will have to supply drug screen results post
contest ....all those 48 hour guys ya know....
 :-)      Just kidding, folks....Get used to it..I'm going to be home
for a few weeks after foot surgery on Monday...The good Doctor Bafoofnik
is invited for cookies and milk...BTW....I used the delete key 74 times
on this thread...a new record!   I know.... Records are made to be
broken.....speaking of records....I just got a news flash.. V26BA did 6
meg+ SB 40..WOW! 
73 de Doug 
Douglas (Doug) Priest, W3CF
Have Heil......Will Travel

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