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Sat May 31 08:13:38 EDT 1997

AC6LN wrote:
>I know of no Morse Code chart that lists "dah-dit" as meaning 
>"N or 9", and I know of no ham radio classes that teach it that way.

W0MU wrote:
>Are these abbreviations posted anywhere?

The *current* ARRL book "Morse Code:  The Essential Language" by L. Peter
Carron, Jr., W3DKV lists abbreviations for all 10 numerals in the section
"Learning to Receive and Send."

To quote, "Where there can be no understanding as to the meaning, numbers
may be represented in an abbreviated form as follows."  They are listed from
1 to 0 as:  A U V 4 E 6 B D N T

They also appear in "The Amateur Radio DX Handbook" by Don Miller, W9WNV,
published by CQ in 1968.  He also includes the caveat, "...if there can
result no misunderstanding due to combinations of figures and letters..."

Since both the ARRL and CQ have included the list in their publications;
that should indicate acceptance in their contests, hi!

I submit that in the WPX contest, it should be understood that a serial
number will follow the signal report.  However, since so many have indicated
their displeasure, I will personally discontinue the use of cut numbers for
sent serial numbers in the future.

Charley, K7NW
gator at wolfenet.com

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