[CQ-Contest] Sunspots--Lots!!

Jim Reid jreid at aloha.net
Sat May 31 10:07:34 EDT 1997

Aloha,  Though the solar flux has not reacted yet,  there
are many more than the 15 sunspots that the current flux of
75 would represent (by table conversion). To see the
many nice group of spots,  click on the photospheric magnetogram
photo, fourth image down at:  


There is a very fine group in the No. hemisphere,  around
45 degrees N solar lat; and three nice groups stretched
across the disk around -45 to -50 degrees lat. Most
abundant appearance yet from the early days of the new
cycle 23!! (Note,  I am assuming the photos are not
inverted;  many times astro photos are inverted as that
is the way the instruments record them; but perhaps they
are published by NASA with North at the top,  just don't
know).  Many tiny spots also.

And jnust look at the increasing solar activity as shown in
both the deep ultraviolet photos,  the green one in the 
light of iron,  and the orange one in Helium II,  Wow!

Come on Sun,  get our ionosphere charged-up again!!

BTW, this is the day the sun stands at our zenith at local
noon here on Kauai(21.92 N, Koloa Town);  about 12:40 HST; several days ago
at Honolulu,  and over a week ago at Hilo.

73 and DX!,

Jim,  KH7M
QTH: Old Koloa Town, site of first sugar plantation in Hawaii,
late 1820's, early 30's; Ko = cane; loa = long, enduring.

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