[CQ-Contest] SO vs. SOA and 1 radio vs. 2 radio

Joe Subich, W8IK w8ik at ibm.net
Sat Nov 1 10:58:48 EST 1997

At 03:17 PM 10/31/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I found it interesting, some of the ones opposed to lumping the SO and
>SOA together, are the same ones who are opposed to some indication of 1
>radio vs. 2 radio in the standings.  Just turn the arguments around, and
>you'll know how a lot of us 1 radio guys feel about having our scores
>compared to the 2 radio guys.

I agree with many of your arguments for a distinction between 1-radio 
and 2-radio distinction in results (just as there should be an 
indication SO vs. SOA).  However, how do you handle the FT-1000D,
since it provides fully independent receive?  Coupled with an auto-
QSY and tune amplifier (with a little station construction ingenuity), 
an FT-1000D equipped station can be QRO 2-radio station if the station 
designer and operator make full use of the capability. 


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