[CQ-Contest] Allow Packet for everyone!

Doug Smith desmith at Telalink.Net
Sun Nov 2 22:19:11 EST 1997

>From: "Ramirez, Kenneth (EXCH)" <KRAMIREZ at intermedia.com>
>             I also fell victim to numerous DX stations that just 
>would not ID unless asked to during this past weekend's contest.
>... It is no problem when the use of packet allows stations to work more 
>multipliers BUT it IS a problem when the same packet networks are
>creating negative consequences for the serious single unassisted 
>operators. One of these consequences is increased waiting times for 
>the DX stations to ID because US stations are calling him forever 
>because they already know the DX station's call because of the packet 

It also had consequences for the DX stations.  If I heard a DX station end a
QSO without signing, I called him.  And 2/3 of the time, it turned out to be
a dupe.  If the DX had IDd, I would have tuned on past & someone else --
presumably someone they needed for points -- would have gotten through.  I
find it VERY hard to believe one saves more time not IDing than they lose
working the extra dupes.

(and then there's the Zone 7 station that didn't ID when I asked for his
call..  nor for any of the next five QSOs, several of whom also asked..  his
is the blank line in my log that scored for zero points...)

73 Doug

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