[CQ-Contest] IQ4A M/S Score and comments.

Claudio Veroli I4VEQ pib2822 at iperbole.bologna.it
Wed Nov 5 00:20:59 EST 1997

                         CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1997
           Call: IQ4A                     Country:  Italy
           Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single
           Location: Monte Capra 444 meters asl near Bologna.
           Club affiliation: MCC Marconi Contest Club   

           BAND     QSO     ZONES COUNTRIES
           160       58        7       58
            80      294       21       89
            40     1133       35      135
            20     1850       39      156
            15     2055       37      160
            10      568       31      142
         Totals    5958      170      740  =>  12,450,450
     Operator List: 
     I4VEQ,  Claudio Veroli
     I4TJE,  Paolo Giannasi
     IK2NCJ, Luca Aliprandi
     IK4DCT  Davide Capelli 
     Multipliers stations:
     I4EAT, Fausto Minardi (Low Bands)
     I4AVG, Franco          (80 meters)
     IK4MGP Fulvio          (low bands)
     IK4QJH Giancarlo       (Low bands & PCL Control)     
     I4IKW, Marco Venturi    (160 meters)
     IK4EWK Marco De Vietro (20 & 15 Meters, data managment)
     IK4DCT Davide Capelli   (High Bands)
     IK4XQH Fabio Marzaduri   (High Bands)
     IK2JUB Stefano Galli     (high band)
     IK2MRZ Roberto           (high band)
     Data managment and technical support:
     I4IND  Francesco Chiodini 
     IK4CZF Casimiro Adani
     I4YRW  Paolo Alessandrini
     IW4ANU Giorgio Tovoli
     Equipment Description:
     Runner: FT1000,IC751, & PA 
     Alternative Runner IC781,IC761 and PA
     10 meters: FT1000mp, IC765 and Henry PA
     40 meters: IC781 and PA 4CX1500
     80 meters: IC781, IC765 & Henry PA
     160 meters: FT990 & TL922
     2 PC's running CT program for Runner station
     12 PC's in local network with IK4EWK software for multiplier stations  

     Packet:     Via Internet (AC4ET, WU3V, Migate, N7TR ecc..)
                 DB0BCC, DB0OVA, DB0SDX from Germany
                 T77T from San Marino & IK2GZU from Italy 

     A particular thanks to Fabrizio IK4VYX for installing and supporting
us with his      fantastic DXTELNET program. This program allow you to have
a radio gateway to internet packet using telnet connections.
     160:  Shunt feed tower 25 meters, dipoles 
     80 :  4 1/4 phased verticals & dipoles 
     40:   3 ele yagi at 22 meters, loop 
     20:   4 ele yagi & 4 el. quad      
     15:   6 el. yagi & 4 el. quad
     10:   5 ele yagi & 4 el. quad 
     all antennas have indipentent rotation and separate towers.
Nice contest. Good propagation just a little below our expectations based
on the days before the contest. After 9 years of Multi Single contest
activity, our teamwork and station affidability seems to be well tested and
without failures. We still enjoy this occasion to stay with good friends, a
contest week end is always full of situations to joke and laugh about.
The average of qso per Hours is better than the last year, but probably due
to a very short skip on 20 meters in the evening, we worked a lot of EU
stns and the average Points/QSOs is below our normal.

The new cycle is coming and, after many years, we moved our runner station
on 10 for a 2 hours US pileup on Sunday. Anyway the rate was't too high.

Low bands were below normal, we did never go to 160 with the runner and
only for a very short time on 80. I think it has been the same for a lot of
stations and so the multipliers score on low bands is below the past years.
40 Meters are always a great band for us. Good to US during both the two
nights, very hard to listen isofrequency for the very heavy QRM. AH8A was
so patient to call me for more then five minutes before I got his call

20:Our US pile up in the evening was broken by a very short skip to north
EU so a lots of EU stations were in the log. For the first time, after many
years, we closed the contest on 20 working US. 

15:The money band this year with very good openings to east (JA, VK and
Asia) on sunday morning and good US pile up on Sunday afternoon.

10: What a band...!!!! It was very hard to work all the countries active on
the band this year. Signals came from all around the world (VK, VS6, XX9,
KH0 VU..), some sporadic E signals from EU, and good African station on the
band, then on sunday afternoon a good open to America, from north to south.

That's all. Thanks to all who called, and moved from one band to another on
our request.

See you on CW.

73 de Claudio I4VEQ.

de Claudio, I4VEQ/IQ4A 
*            Claudio Veroli, I4VEQ                            * 
*            IQ4A MONTE CAPRA CONTEST TEAM                    *
*            e-mail: pib2822 at iperbole.bologna.it              *
*            see you in the next contest.....Thank you!!      *

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