[CQ-Contest] Re:SO vs. SOA and 1 radio vs. 2 radio

Matt Trott aa7bg at 3rivers.net
Mon Nov 3 13:48:29 EST 1997

>>I found it interesting, some of the ones opposed to lumping the SO and
>>SOA together, are the same ones who are opposed to some indication of 1
>>radio vs. 2 radio in the standings.  Just turn the arguments around, and
>>you'll know how a lot of us 1 radio guys feel about having our scores
>>compared to the 2 radio guys.
>I agree with many of your arguments for a distinction between 1-radio 
>and 2-radio distinction in results (just as there should be an 
>indication SO vs. SOA).  However, how do you handle the FT-1000D,
>since it provides fully independent receive?  Coupled with an auto-
>QSY and tune amplifier (with a little station construction ingenuity), 
>an FT-1000D equipped station can be QRO 2-radio station if the station 
>designer and operator make full use of the capability. 
If you are using an FT-1000 for contesting purposes, please cease and
desist. You may use it to check into 3830 after the contest, however.

P.S. Does anyone have one I can borrow since you won't be needing it?


The real question is: What about the 1 1/2 radio contestors? If Ronald
Reagen is in his early presidency, then I have a state-of-the-art-station.
I have a TS930S as the main radio and I use the old Icom 730 sans CW
filters once a year, in SS CW as a  "second" radio/receiver (made around 25
Q's with it this weekend). I found Jay with the 730 so it does help alot as
an additional rcvr, but I quickly QSYed the 930 to work him. It's just too
labor intensive to effectively op 2 radios without the neccessary computer
connectivity. I can see where a state of the art station would have
resulted in possibly another 100 Q's or so with two radios all automated,
etc. I guess that's the next step from here, albeit in the unforeseeable

The big improvements at AA7BG/K7BG that have taken place in the last couple
years have been the acquisition of the used 930 (first time I ever had CW
filters--INCREDIBLE difference) and the installation of a tower and bigger
antennas. I figure if I can stay within 10 or 15 years of the power
envelope I'll be okay.

BTW, I have some spark gap equipment for sale that I stopped using when I
got the 930, but it still works great--talk about being everywhere at once!

Bubble Gum

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