[CQ-Contest] K8CC's NA Support Kudos

KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Mon Nov 3 12:42:16 EST 1997

I would like to publicly thank Dave, K8CC, for his dedication to software
support beyond the call of duty. There was a bug in NA10.23 that was
put out on Thursday that caused the program to crash when entering a dupe in
the new "alternate radio bandmap" feature. This was a feature that I pushed
Dave to do before the CW SS. I called Dave Saturday morning before SS at
about 10 am his time when I discovered the bug. He already had the fix and
version 10.24, having stayed up late Friday night to get it done. He was
unable to locate Tom the webmaster to make it downloadable, so Dave sent the
new version to me via a mail attachment. The program worked great. I had a
total of one computer hang for unknown reasons and a few "two radio
schizophrenic moments" due to operator error. 

Once again, Dave, thank you very much for adding to my contesting pleasure.

73. Ken, K6LA - Ken Six Los Angeles, KWIDELITZ at DELPHI.COM

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