[CQ-Contest] Unique?

Alastair Beaton beaton at wintermute.co.uk
Tue Nov 4 12:40:27 EST 1997

- DL8AAM, Tom wrote: <snip>
> Where is the problem, when I (DL8AAM) operate as OP the MO station DL0AA
> after the DL0AA - DXCall QSO, I could make a QSO as DL8AAM/p as well, it is
> legal. It is my call and I'm free to operate from every station/QTH with the
> extension " /p " (thats the law in DL asked for. In DL we HAVE to use /m /p !).
> DL8AAM, Tom (RRDXA "CQWW-Team")

I don't see any reason ethically why not. 

HOWEVER, using the same rule, you could work a 3-point DX station 
under all the home calls of your M/M station's operators, and he, if 
he's M/M or M/S, could do likewise. The UK licence rules allows me to 
operate using the callsign of anyone present with permission. I 
suspect most countries do too.

So I could call 'GM7V and fourteen calls' and give him 45 points in a 
minute. Almost as good as a multiplier:-)

It might sound silly, but it could work. I just don't think anyone 
would want it to...

Part of GM7V M/M 

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