[CQ-Contest] SS Pileup Control

Ward Silver hwardsil at WOLFENET.com
Tue Nov 4 07:09:21 EST 1997

> If the pileup gets too unruly, go S&P for a while.

Actually, there was another interesting technique that I heard W6NV use
while operating SU2MT during an IARU contest.  Obviously, from the
Mediterranean, the European "Tell me, what does 'stand by' mean?" pileups
can get real ornery, real fast, just like the American "Surely he meant to
contact me, Al Franken" pileups.  So Oliver, when the wave broke over the
top of him, would simply turn the Big Knob a little bit and start calling
CQ again. 

In less time than it would take to restore order (I suspect a proton would
decay first), a new pileup would generate plenty of rate.  Eventually,
this, too, would get out of control, but by then, the old firestorm had
died out and he would move again.  Sort of a very slow "dualing CQ" model.

Seems like this would work and keep the irritation level down, whilst
denying the Fooles and Lidz a QSO in a most satisfactory way.

73, Ward N0AX

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