[CQ-Contest] Re-Allow Packet for everyone!

gedas ly3ba at vifom.balt.net
Tue Nov 4 18:31:01 EST 1997

For those who still believe the use of packet cluster do not increase
final Contest score I would sugest to learn 1996 CQ WW DX SSB contest
results.  You will find that young man operating station LY5A and
making more than 4000 QSO's when solar activity is at the botom,
collected multiplier, using internet accsess to the DX clusters (there
almost no possibilities in Lithuania to get DX info throgh the packet
on 2 meters), of 741. No one single operator big gun could even
approach to that fantastic numbers while only 12 Multi/Single and 12
Multi/Multi stations World Wide (using packet aswell I guess) reached
that number. Does any one still believe it would be possible to do
this with out of assistance? Me not!

But there is one very archaic rule in the Contest still waiting to be
changed and, I'm sure, would be soluted by thousands of Contesters.E
ven by those constant flyers to the 3 point locations. Does any one
still believes that it is 1.5 time more dificult to establish qso with
England lets say from P40 than from PJ7 ? Or maybe there still plenty
of Contesters think it is 3 times more dificult to work IG9 than IT9
from England or any other spot? Or maybe each QSO runing EU pileup
from EA8 cost 3 times more energy for operator than the same things
made from 9H or IT9 ?  I really think, if scoring system would be
slightly changed, and every QSO would worth the everage - 2 points,
even those big 40Meg World records would be broken even during this
solar activity cycle. Maybe it would be good idea to think about
before 51 th CQ WW will start?  73 de Gedas,LY3BA

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