[CQ-Contest] CQWW: M/S or M/M?

Brlecic, Zoran zbrlecic at torhosp.toronto.on.ca
Wed Nov 5 11:50:00 EST 1997

But can someone explain how a station with 17 operators,
10 transceivers, 6 amplifiers,and 14 PC's can be a
a Multiop/Singletransmitter effort rather than multi/multi?
Martin ZL1ANJ

It does not matter how many operators and/or transceivers they used. What   
does matter, though, is that they were not transmitting with more than   
one TX at a time, other then for multiplier purposes. There are some   
other scam-prevention rules they had to follow, and if they did, their   
M/S operation is fully legit. Beside fist fights for the time at the rig,   
I see no problems here.
73 ..... Zoran VA3GW  

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