[CQ-Contest] M/S questions

Roberts, Will will.roberts at cplc.com
Wed Nov 5 10:11:01 EST 1997

Be careful about this: Multi/single rules are different, depending on
the contest. Your comment would be correct in the ARRL DX contest, but
not CQ DX contests for example. 

In CQ contests, it is permitted to have a seperate "multiplier" station
that can transmit at the same time the "run" station is transmitting on
a different band provided the "mult" station is ONLY WORKING NEW

In ARRL DX, if you were running on 40, and wanted to work a new mult on
20, you would have to stay on 20m for 10 minutes after working the
station there no matter how many transmitters you have. In CQWW, your
40m run station can keep on trucking while a 2nd station works new
mults. The mult station must then follow a 10 minute rule, where he must
stay on a band 10 minutes after working a station. This gets to be a
real challenge when you are trying to move multiplers!

In my opinion, the ARRL rules make for a more true M/S - that is, a
couple guys with one radio can be competitive in the category. The CQ
rules border on a multi/2 thing. There is no way to be competitive
without using the 2nd radio to ferret out the new mults.  

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