[CQ-Contest] 40 meter band plan

Marco Magnano marcmag at nti.it
Wed Nov 5 16:13:55 EST 1997

I would like to remind that here in Europe the SSB band goes from 7.040
to 7.100
The band 7.000 to 7.040 is only CW. Using SSB on that sub-band exactly
the same
of transmitting from stateside below 7.100 on SSB.
I say this because during last WWDX SSB I've heard too many european
stations (even big guns)
calling below 7.040 and too many stateside stations calling crossband
and listening below 7.040.
Many europeans just didn't care and did the QSO, I didn't and I lost
many QSO with stateside stations
(I hope they missed the IT9 multiplier on 40 meters).
When do we get someone disqualified for not respecting the bandplan?

And more is there a chance to switch off some of those wideband stations
running 5/10 Kw in a so narrow
band like the european 40 meters SSB one?
They only care about running a frequency, no multipliers search, no care
about the rate, very poor
receivers, give 5 of those stations and the band is fullfilled, no hope
for normal legal stations.
We should make a list of those ....amateur radio.....and not working
them during contests.

Best 73's
Marco Magnano IT9WPO

marcmag at nti.it
it9wpo at qsl.net


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