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<< This is so true. I have often wondered why the CQWW does not have a real
 multi-single category. Their M/S category is definitely not a multi-single
 no matter what they call it.  >>

Yea, wouldn't it be nice if this was limited to two operators (second mult.),
and let them have all the transceivers and gadgets they want? All others can
have fun in M/M. I'm for technology assistance, but stay within the rules. No
"Lampedusa 300W LORAN PA", no operating outside of frequency limits, no
assistance from other people (packet, etc) if single op.

Another propblem that is starting to be very disruptive is the practice of
station "owning" the frequency, even when calling perpetual CQs with no
answers for 20 min or more. Especially on bands with limited bandwidth.
Deprives others from working by blocking the band. Gentleman moves or goes
S/P if no takers for few minutes. Lets the other stations to get on and work
few and let them be worked. More will have fun, more, even younger ones will
join us. 

73 Yuri K3BU, VE3BMV

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