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Barry Kutner w2up at itw.com
Thu Nov 6 08:46:49 EST 1997

On  6 Nov 97, T A RUSSELL <n4kg at juno.com> wrote:
> It's a shame there is no place for two or three aging contesters
> to get together at an average home station to enjoy the CQ WW
> contests. 
> de  Tom  N4KG
> ............................
> There are many stations that would like to do a multi-op with a friend
> without setting up two complete stations and having two sets of antennas.
> These stations are discouraged from participanting in the CQWW as a
> serious
> multi-op because of existing CQWW rules.


Hey guys. Times have changed and technology has changed.

First, who said a bunch of guys can't have fun operating the "old 
fashioned" M/S. True, you won't win, but you can still have fun.  It's 
not a coincidence the same stations, more or less, are in the top ten 
every year. They have the hardware, location, skill(s) and operator(s).

Second, the same argument can be made for single op. Just change the 
phrase "multi-op with a friend," above, and replace it with single op. 
How many single op stations, nowadays, are set up with two radios, two 
sets of antennas, etc?

Time, and competitiveness, marches on...
73 Barry
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