[CQ-Contest] Gerry Mathis, W3GM, SK

Rich Hallman N7TR n7tr at rnodx.org
Fri Nov 7 05:52:11 EST 1997

>> As W3BES, the call sign he earned in 1930, Mathis was ARRL SCM for
>> Eastern Pennsylvania from the late 1930s until 1951.
>> He was a member of the Frankford Radio Club and constructed a
>> multi-multi contest station where he trained many club members in
>> the art of contesting. He also was a long-time ARRL member.

   Im am very sorry to hear the passing of Gerry...I was one of the FRC
kids that went to Gerry's place to operate his Multi-Multi.  My call then
was N3AMK, soon to be KI3V.  He was an incredible person and had the best
heart for opening up his station for new operators!  It was so enjoyable to
be able to be in High School and have a person like Gerry to work with.
Gerry along with W3NZ are the two I credit for my introduction into the
Contesting World and FRC.   

   Many memories are still with me when operating at his place.  Operators
who I used to operate with were Gerry, W3FV, K3ND, K3GM...I also remember
the Hot Chocolate we had when the W3GM operating shack would get cold as
hell, and the Kmart Sub Sandwiches he would buy for all of us....Memories
of GREAT times and of a GREAT person I will never forget!

    An Era has truly passed us by with the passing of W3GM, Better known in
Europe as "W3 Good Morning"!!

      He will truly be missed.....

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