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Fri Nov 7 13:57:26 EST 1997

I did not want my comments about CQ WW M/S category to be construed as
"whining." The K5RC/K5GA crew spent ten years refining it to an art form. I
spent most of my time with sneakers on, running between operating positions,
tapping folks on the shoulder, deciding which band changes would yield the
most rate and mults, keeping us from "rubber clocking" and listening to "put
me in, coach, I have a new mult." We had lotsa fun and held both M/S records
for a long time.

Today, with CT, et al, the logistics and book keeping of  M/S are much more
refined and a lot less stressful. I operated from K6IDX with the "old farts"
and we had a great time, and produced a very competitive score.

The point is, when you compare the ARRL M/S and M/2 rules to the CQ rules,
the CQ rules do not encourage a level playing field. You have two or three
people and one radio (i.e. K5KG) competing with six guys and two radios (i.e.
K6IDX) competing with a dozen guys with five operating positions. The outcome
is further clouded by how well the team did following the ten minute rule
DURING THE CONTEST (as opposed to sterilizing the log after the contest). I
once checked a south american log that had six single band stations running
full time and they simply picked the best times from each band and submitted
a mutli-single log.

On the other hand, it would be boring to have all the rules the same.

73 and DX,

Tom Taormina, K5RC/7

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