James B. Neiger jneiger at xti.com
Fri Nov 7 11:24:51 EST 1997

I am pleased to report that NEIGER'S TIGERS successfully placed five 
complete teams in the recent CQ WW SSB contest, and all 25 members, 
scattered over all continents, were very active  and I'm sure found their 
way into many of the logs of those subscribing to this reflector. A 
complete listing of the teams follows:

W7WHY        GW4BLE        W1WEF        EA8BH(OH2BH)     W6RJ
N6BV/1       HC5C(W5AJ)    CT1ELP       P40E(CT1BOH)     AT0PAI(VU2PAI)
K6NA         YB1AQS        W6TKF        P40W(W2GD)       8R1K(N5ZO)
N7NG         5X1Z(SM7PKK)  8P6CV        VE3EJ(N5TJ)      WB9Z
W6XR/2       UT4UZ         5X1T(ON6TT)  ZD8Z(N6TJ)       V47KP(W2OX)

My thanks to all of the team members for participating, and for raising 
the level of interest and activity in the contest.

Conditions were pretty good on Ascension Island, at least on the high 
bands, but 160/80 became the usual challenge on Sat/Sun nights.  I was 
kind of thinking of going into retirement after this one, but it looks 
like I may find my way back to the Island for the CW test.  Always wanted 
to do a single 15 meters on CW from there, but who knows, I may yet 
capitulate and put the rare zone 36 back on, all bands.

Thus it looks like the TIGERS are ready to put some teams together for the 
CW test too, and I'm ready to hear from anyone interested in joining our 
little group.  Please include your e-mail address in the text of your 
message, and if I've not been able to answer directly, I will post the 
teams here prior to departure on November 23.

Thanks to all, and I appreciate the nice comments that have floated this 

                    Vy 73

                      Jim Neiger    N6TJ/ZD8Z

                      jneiger at xti.com


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