[CQ-Contest] SS Exchange - Sending the other guys call.

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Sat Nov 8 13:04:01 EST 1997

In a message dated 97-11-08 11:10:51 EST, n4gn at iglou.com writes:

<< When you're in S&P mode, there is no REQUIREMENT to send the other guy's
 call.  Although, as Bill alluded, it can be helpful in those cases where
 the S&P guy has no clue how to get close to zero beating the CQer.  After
 the CQer sends his exchange to me, I just send "TU" followed by the serial
 number and rest of the exchange. 

I just spent a weekend of sharing frequencies with other guys, but I always
was there first........

We really should focus on sending the call....another SFL station off the
back of my beam landed on top of me and (I guess) didn't know I was there -
for a while we were in similar sync, to the point that whne one guy called me
I had to do the bit of making sure he was working me - since he didn't start
of his exchange like all of you should do, by sending:


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