[CQ-Contest] Sunspot Cycle

Dan Robbins kl7y at Alaska.NET
Sat Nov 8 10:15:15 EST 1997

>From the December issue of Sky & Telescope, pg 112:

"Patrick McIntosh of Heliosynoptics, Inc., and Pierre Cugnon of the Sunspot
Index Data Center find the September increase (of sunspots) 'very
significant'.  Furthermore, McIntosh notes that in September the Sun's 10.7
centimeter radio flux experienced the greatest monthly increase in the half
century it has been recorded.  'This dramatic jump in activity,' he writes,
'adds considerable credence to predictions that the current solar cycle
might equal the greatest one on record, Cycle 19, which peaked in
1957-58.' "

Go Sol, Go Big Fellah!

Bodes well for the 10 meter contest in the next few years....

                                        Dan KL7Y 

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