[CQ-Contest] SS exchange

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 8 21:56:38 EST 1997

According to the rules as published in Oct. 1997 QST (can there be a 
better source?) the other station's callsign is not part of the required 
exchange; I quoth: ``4) Exchange: A consecutive serial number, precedence 
(<SNIP>), your call sign, check (<SNIP>) and your ARRL/RAC section.''

There is no mention of the other's callsign.

I believe that the example that follows is merely to display a typical 
contact, which likely would (but not necessarily MUST) include the 
calling station's call sign, especially given the circumstances 
indicated. Here, WJ1U would have no other way to indicate to whom he was 
responding other than preceding the exchange with his call sign. 

WJ1U pretty much knows his own call sign, and that W1AW is in contact 
with him. It is optional, then, for W1AW to include WJ1U in the exchange.


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