[CQ-Contest] !!!! IMPORTANT -- DISCLAIMER !!!!!!!

Jimmy R. Floyd floydjr at interpath.com
Sun Nov 9 11:54:54 EST 1997

Let me first say that I know several on here are new to interent
and the score postings I do so thought I would try to clear up
somethings before we get any farther into the season. I hope you
understand all this and it will make it easier for us both.

1.  I am not affiliated with any contest committee, Magazine or
    any rules committees. I do not make any judgements on anyting.

2.  I DO NOT ACCEPT ATTACHMENTS. If you send your scores as an
    attachment I cannot post it. I do not understand why it is so
    hard to type one line of info.

3.  I DO NOT ACCEPT LOGS. As it states in number one I have 
    nothing to to with the contest. I only repost information that
    is sent to me.

4.  I have been asked how do I know if the scores are correct. I 
    really do not care if they are correct or not. If you send me 
    a score of 15 billion and P5 on every band I am going to put
    that down. As I said I do not correct scores, classes or do
    I add scores up. If you feel a score is wrong then email the
    person who submitted the score. I will correct your score or
    class if you send me a correction. I do not do it on my own.

5.  Another problem is that when someone replies to me about a
    correction or anything, they resend the entire posting. I 
    mean I get an entire score posting and then one line at the
    bottom saying, please change this. I do not need to see all

I hope this clears up some of the email I have been getting. I am 
sorry I have to post this in public but just do not have time to
reply to each person's questions. I am getting ready to hit the 
busy season next week. I am getting about 300 emails a day now and
really have not hit the busy season. 

Just so everyone knows what is going on and maybe help them when
they submit their scores, I am doing CQWW SSB and ARRL SS CW right
now. After next weekend will be doing ARRL SS SSB and then the 
next week be doing CQWW CW. It is of the UPMOST IMPORTANCE that
you put the contest you are submitting your score for in the 
subject line. I have filters set up to send them to different 
mailboxes. And on corrections please send the old score and all. 
If you do not then I have to look through the entire contest to
find you. Also please put YOUR CLASS somewhere. I get so many just
like this and I want you to tell me what I should do:

Hey Jim

Here is my score

K4ZAM      12       1,200,000      2190    20988    133   450


That is it !!!! I have been putting them in HP but if it is not 
that then you have to send me email and I will correct it. It is
just another email for us both when a simple line would have saved
us both.

When I started this I would never have beleieved it would have got
this big. At first the small mistakes did not mean nothing but as 
it does get bigger I just do not have time to do all the little 
things. I hope you understand this. I do appreciate all the kind 
words that I have recieved and will do my best to continue to give
you the info you wish. I think this is a valuable and worthwhile 

Sorry for taking up bandwidth but just trying to nip problems in 
the bud before they get to big.

73 Jim

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