[CQ-Contest] hypothetical - NOPE: ITS A: Been There Done That

Paul D. Schrader n4xm at iglou.com
Sun Nov 9 14:16:00 EST 1997

Yep.  Really good.

Remember my first qso with him in 1953-on 80 CW.

I called him 6 hours.

		Paul  N4XM (Ex: W4BCV)

At 18:29 11/8/1997 -0500, K4OJ at aol.com wrote:
><< Suppose they are virtually the "only-game-in-town" for that mult.  Suppose
>they are  iron-butts and chafe at the idea of doing "only" 24 of the 30
>hours. >>
>time to turn back the clocks to the days of one of the great legends: KH6IJ
>Katashi Nose, KH6IJ would always operate more than his alloted time to be
>able to provide the mult for those deserving.....
>It has been a long time since he was an active contester, and he is a silent
>jey - but I am sure many on this reflector will attest to countless contest
>QSOs with him....he was really good!
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