[CQ-Contest] SS exchange

Kevin Schmidt w9cf at ptolemy.la.asu.edu
Sun Nov 9 19:34:04 EST 1997

As a low key, mostly S&P kind of guy, I'll happily send whatever you
serious guys want me to.

Right now, I never send the call of the CQing station unless it is
required in the exchange. I have assumed that if you are running
stations, you don't want me to send extra stuff, and you already
know your callsign.

Mostly this works fine. I have in the past, in contests that don't
require a serial number, occasionally logged QSOs with two stations at
once when two nearby CQing guys have responded simultaneously to my
call. Sending one of their callsigns in this case would spoil my fun :-)

If I do manage to zero beat the CQing station, sending his call sign is
essentially a service to the fellows that are CQing next to him.  My
experience is that using one contester's time to help the guy next to
him is not going to make me any friends. I assume that if the CQing
station is unsure of something, he will ask.

Anyone who believes the SS rules requires both stations to send both
calls should zero point any contacts with stations like me who failed
to do this.  If you think that the FCC rules require US hams to send
the other guy's call you might want to review part 97.119. You have to
send your own call sign, not the other guy's. This changed about 25
years ago; before that, you were required to identify with both calls.
Sending just a question mark without identifying has always been a
violation of FCC regulations.

73 Kevin w9cf

>Aren't we missing the whole point? Isn't sending the other station's
>callsign a part of a 'legal per FCC rules' contact? I haven't checked Part
>97. While you may not have to do it for a contest contact, there might be a
>legal reason to send it anyway.
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