[CQ-Contest] SS Exchange - Sending the other guys call.

Donald Russell drussell at knox.net
Sat Nov 8 16:42:49 EST 1997

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Bill Fisher, W4AN wrote:

> One thing that bugged me while making my 250 QSO's was getting answered by
> someone (I think) and them not sending my callsign.  I havnt looked, but
> isn't part of the exchange in the rules sending the other guy's callsign?  
I never liked the other station sending my call if I am the cq'ing 
station, but I may be changing my mind.  I always wondered why some 
stations called me a dupe when I had nothing in the log even close!  I 
don't argue though, I let them do without my qso.  However, unless the 
log checker catches it, then they gets credit for a qso they didn't make 
and I get nothing!

I have adopted the practice of logging everything I work, even if it is a 
dupe.  I just make the exchange and then qrz.  This takes less time than 
sending "W4AN sri wrk b4" and then arguing about it.  As long as the 
dupes are marked in the log, no foul.  I had 9 dupes during ss cw.

Maybe I will start adding the other stations call when s at p"ing and see if 
it makes a difference.

73  Don WA8YRS   drussell at knox.net

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