[CQ-Contest] Stateside qso's

Rick Dougherty NQ4I NQ4I at compuserve.com
Sun Nov 9 06:37:34 EST 1997

I am wondering about this topic now for a few weeks since the SSB test...if
you compare the multi-multi qso points per qso there is some topic for
discussion...our multi multi logged each and every contact...I discused
this with all the ops prior to the contest...we felt there was enough
reason ie uniques that each stateside qso would be logged...in years past
we only logged the first qso or qsos that indicated we were a mult and just
didn't log them....this year our qso points per qso are way down from all
the others ....is it just that so many more stateside guys called us or are
the others not entering them in the logs???
Would like to hear others opinions on this subject....de Rick NQ4I

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