[CQ-Contest] SS for NA Only

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Nov 10 09:02:28 EST 1997

On Sunday, November 09, 1997 11:04 AM, Dick Dievendorff[SMTP:dieven at email.msn.com] wrote:
>If I were going full-bore, I'd fire the exchange at you, not log you, and
>send TU to whatever you sent me.  I wouldn't want to offend you; I want your
>QSO in the next contest!
>It's similar to the pointless QSOs I get during CQWW from hams inside the
>US.  A few were for a zone or country multiplier, but I'm sure that many
>more were from casual guys who came across a loud signal and thought they'd
>"give me a point".  

I make these QSOs graciously, because I will want to

>talk with the very same casual "participants" in SS (a week or three later)
>or NAQP or WPX. I also don't want to spend any contest time "lecturing".
>I also found when entering a few primarily US domestic events from overseas
>that some US hams just didn't know how to deal with a permitted point-value
>contact from a DX station.  I had to explain to more than a few US Field Day
>participants how to log a DX QSO.

Hey, Dick!  I'm going to be one of those "pointless QSO's" weekend
after next.  I will be doing a lot of S&P'ing, being QRP.  The idea
that some of my mults will not be in the log disturbs me.  What
happens when the logs are checked and they find I have ten or twenty
mults in my log for which there is no corresponding entry in the
mults' logs?  I'm hosed, right?

Why not put them in the log.  "0" (zero) in the points column may have
a negative connotation but it is meaningful to me that it appear in
your log when my call is in the callsign column. What's it going to
hurt? Besides, later in the contest you can have the satisfaction of
telling me I'm a DUPE!!  Now, that's gotta be worth a "0" point.

>On the other hand, I entered four California QSO parties from England, and
>do not recall having any California station question a QSO from England.  I
>assume that this is because of the superior operating skill, higher than
>average intelligence, greater height, and generally good looks of all NCCC
>members and even a few SCCC members.

Which they all learned from the Texas DX Society and the 
TexasQSO Party.

>Work me during CQWW CW!  I'll be at W7RM.

Work (and log) me, too! I'll be at KG5U.


Dale Martin, KG5U
kg5u at hal-pc.org

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