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Ve3bmv at aol.com Ve3bmv at aol.com
Mon Nov 10 16:14:05 EST 1997

QSLing On-Line can only work if the expedition or contest logs are submitted
to the QSL home page, where they could be verified by the sponsor of the
award/contest and cast in stone (nobody can modify it). Then those who would
like to download the QSL card and print it, could do so with knowledge that
the QSO was made and it is verifiable on the QSL site. 
Otherwise with the proliferation of desktop publishing programs and hardware,
just about anyone can "make" any (fake) QSL card.
This system sure speeds up QSLing and saves the cost.

The other side of this is the value of "hand made" QSL with the operator's
signature and comments. Sort of personal memento/ post card value. Add to
that cancelled postage stamp, and you have historic document. I guess there
will be always room for both. Depends what one treasures.

Most hams go through the stages of being beginner, then going through chasing
DX and awards, some maturing to the highest pedestal of contesting and record
chasing. I still remember the excitement and mystique of each phase, and
where possible, try to keep up with QSLing to those requesting cards and I
enjoy getting cards especially those that tell the rest of the story.

Sooo, QSL/log site would be beneficial, as well as site where unusuall call/
operation/country/zone would be announced and included in DTA files for
upcoming contest logging programs.

Back to getting new color QSL cards designed, while recovering from
operation. (It still hurts.)

73  Yuri Blanarovich

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