[CQ-Contest] 1 X 1 Callsigns-Contest (dis)Advantage?

Robert W5AJ w5robert at blkbox.com
Mon Nov 10 22:30:42 EST 1997

> > I agree with Trey's comment...it's always better to be loud than funky!
> > And yes, there is a confusion factor with a 1x1 call.  I was at the M6T
> > multi-multi in CQWW Phone last year.  Was asked too many times for a 
> > repeat of the call and what country I was in!

No question.  When those 1x1's called (hc5c) during CQ WW we always went
through one repeat to insure it really was a 1x1.  IF you ain't doing
the world radiosport contest - ditch the 1x1.  I don't think the
intended "special" use of 1x1 to be for advantage during a contest.

Robert W5AJ

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