[CQ-Contest] More than one.

Eugene Walsh 0004504465 at MCIMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 11 01:27:25 EST 1997

Just a few comments;

special call signs are not an unfair advantage.  No more 
than going to a really cool QTH would be such.  1X1 calls,
however, are definitely NOT an advantage (Except maybe 
a 1X1 that starts with a C, or D, P etc.).

Trey's comment about getting their attention with "59-10!"
is dead on!  This is the Magic ingredient which makes the
CQWW so attractive (For me, at least).  For those of us
who love to chase multiples, there is no greater thrill
than, at 0930Z with the beam on that special heading, to
hear a whisp of a signal say "59928", followed by "RR 59926",
and realize that you are the only one there! Only in CQWW!

Working those two folks (To a multiple old fart like me) is
worth more than the great European run ever was.


N2AA, Multiple old fart at N2RM.

When that band opens, and you hear those 59922's and 59923's,
your heart goes "Pitter-pat!"  Its been doin' that for me 
since 1956.

PS:  Of all SS calls, I cannot decide whether I like K7SS or K2SS 
     the best.
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